Behind the Scene at Addison Music Learning Centre

Owner, Kim Addison

 Kim began Addison Music Learning Centre in May of 1995.  She is a professional musician, published author of "The Promise" (see link below) actor, and attended both well know Toronto jazz music schools;  Humber College, where she graduated with honors, and the prestigious  U of T Jazz Program.   

Kim Addison's Recordings and Publications


Recordings: Waiting for the Words, and Born to Be Blue

 Kim released two CD's, the most recent jazz CD, Born to Be Blue, can be purchased on various websites.  (Sample above on the right of the original tune "Over You")  and also can be heard on Spotify as on other streaming music stations.   

Recent Publications: The Promise, 2019

 "Kim Addison reveals her most heartfelt feelings surrounding the death of her young brother. Though this true story does elicit a few tears, it is a remarkably uplifting retelling that almost anyone would find relatable to their own experience.  A series of coincidences too uncanny to ignore causes Kim to solidify her beliefs without question.  Leaving the reader with invaluable hope and peace, you won’t be able to set it down until the satisfying ending. "  Review by Kelly Wells on