Welcome Teachers!

 Hello teachers!  Welcome to our new schedule/time sheet/invoice/and book order page. You can access this page on any of your devices. 

Please do not share this page or your password with anyone.  This page is private.  Have a great day! 

 Since you are all self-employed it is your responsibility to issue us an invoice once every two weeks.  Invoices are due before 9 a.m. every payday which is usually Mondays every second week unless otherwise stated.  If we are closed on a Monday it will be the next day - Tuesday, however invoices will still be due before 9 a.m. Monday.  If you do not submit on time you will be paid in the next pay period.  FYI Time sheets may also be asked for by the government if you are ever audited.

Link to Download a Time Sheet / Invoice

It is recommended that you have your own personalized invoice and time sheet with all your contact information on it.  However, if you do not have your own personalized invoice, here is one you can download and use. It is recommended that you use the time sheet because if you are ever audited they may ask for it, but also it helps Kim if there are any discrepancies.