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Drum Lessons in Oakville. Just Hit Something!

You might be surprised to find out that drumming has many positive physiological effects on the mind, body, and spirit.  First of all, playing the drums increases heart rate and blood flow just like an aerobic exercise.  Drum lessons (and music lessons in general!) can engage both the linear (the rational left) and the creative (the intuitive right) sides of the brain.  The two brain hemispheres emanate different wave frequencies.  It also synchronizes the frontal and lower areas of the brain.  Drum lessons can integrate the non-verbal information from the lower brain structures into the frontal cortex to produce a feeling of insight, understanding, integration, certainty and conviction.  Consequently playing drums can be compared to deep meditation and can bring one into synchronization, which is a state of consciousness.

And... hitting things is fun too!  

Looking for Drum Lessons in Oakville?  look no further! 

Take drum lessons today, relieve some tension, and get into sync!

Is Your Child Too Young for Drum Lessons?

 Starting children in music as early as possible is integral for a lifetime of learning and loving music.  But sometimes starting them out on an instrument is not always the best first step.   It can be very challenging to play the drums if your body, arms, and hands are not big enough.  Most of the time if you start your child too young, they will quit.  However, we have the perfect alternative for young aspiring percussionists.  Our Mini Musicians early childhood music program will prepare your young child for drum lessons better than anything!  In our early childhood music lessons the major focus is rhythm and playing rhythmic non pitched instruments.  This is because at an early age teaching rhythm and beat is integral towards complete comprehension of the language of music.  We have an early childhood music specialist at Addison Music Learning Centre who has been trained to teach this age group and prepare your children for a lifetime of music learning and loving. 


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