Sorry, No Refunds & No Credits

Once you have registered for our program there are no refunds.   There are no credits for missed lessons nor can any missed lessons be "tacked on to the end of a term" nor can they be carried over to the next term.   This program is a commitment and spaces are very limited, therefore your continued commitment is essential to making it a successful learning experience for the children.

If Your Teacher Needs to Cancel a Lesson

This is very rare but from time to time your teacher may have to cancel due to extreme circumstances, or, because they are performing musicians, they may need to leave town to perform a gig.  It is one of our mandates that our teachers be allowed to forgo their teaching for performance opportunities because this is what being a musician is all about for them.  This is what makes our teachers so amazing, is that they are performing musicians and this is only a benefit for our students.   If this happens we first try to find a competent substitute teacher and if no one is available we will reschedule your lessons to another day and time.  Orff Certified Instructors are very busy and very difficult to find, therefore we will most likely be rescheduling lessons if this needs to occur. 

Picture and Video Release

Addison Music Learning Centre reserves the right to utilise videos and pictures of students engaging in our student spotlights, recitals, student goals program, teacher Wall of Fame, and/or any other testimonials and/or student incentive programs.  At no time whatsoever will we use last names of students or reveal personal information that they have not given to us in the course of an interview or a testimonial.  (If we are given permission to use last names in a testimonial however, we would appreciate that to add authenticity) All videos and pictures utilised will be highly complimentary and tasteful.  

NSF Cheques and Late Fees

You will be charged $25 for any NSF cheques.  If we continue to try to collect tuition feels 2 to 3 weeks after a program has begun we will have to start charging a late fee of 10% per week.  

Student Illness

Please avoid bringing the student to a lesson if they are ill.  Our Orff teacher instructs at programs all over the GTA and her livelihood depends on being healthy.