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Children are in the developmental music aptitude stage from birth to approximately age 9 and in the stabilized music aptitude stage from age 9 on.  It is very important that a child receive the highest quality of guidance and instruction while in the developmental music aptitude stage.  Nature supplies a baby with many genes and synapses  in pregnancy and then immediately after birth.  If the baby's environment doesn't allow him or her to utilize these genes and synapses at an early developmental stage they are soon to be lost, never to be regained at the level that they could have been.  From Edwin E Gordon's "A Music Learning Theory for Newborns and Young Children."    

Toddlers Tempos Music Class

Music, lullabies, nursery rhymes, creative movement with instruments and singing.  Total parental involvement promoting a genuine bonding experience between parent and child while exploring music and aiding in brain development.  Elements used are singing, speech, (poems, rhymes, chants) body percussion, movement, listening, playing instruments, improvisation, playing in ensembles and creativity.   

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