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Violin and Fiddle Lessons in Oakville for All Ages Including Children, Teens, and Adults!

Violin and Fiddle Lessons

There are a lot of challenging aspects involved with violin lessons and fiddle lessons, but after suffering through a significant amount of screeching and flat sounding notes, the rewards can be delightful!  The upside to learning how to play a violin is that it only contains 4 strings, which in some cases can make it slightly easier to learn than a guitar.  The violin is a very portable instrument that comes in different sizes for various body sizes.  Playing the violin requires a heightened sense of tonal awareness which is good ear training that can be applied to any other instrument.   If you are looking for violin lessons in Oakville, look no further!

Is Your Child Too Young for Violin?

Starting children in music as early as possible is integral for a lifetime of learning and loving music.  But sometimes starting them out on an instrument is not always the best first step.  With violin lessons, our Oakville violin instructor feels that students ages 5 and under should absolutely and automatically be placed in our Mini Musicians music lesson programs first and foremost.  Mini Musicians will definitely prepare the child for future private music lessons in violin.  Sometimes a 6 - 8 year old will take to a violin from the start due to the fact that you can fit a violin for a small person as there are a few sizes to choose from.  This helps with motor skill and body size issues, but, still not with concentration or focus.  A child must be extremely focused in order to play any instrument.  Mini Musicians music program is specifically designed with this in mind and we at Addison Music Learning Centre highly recommend this music program as a first step.  Please click below to learn more about our early childhood music lesson program that your child will love! 


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