Mini Musicians Level 1 Goals and Curriculum


This Program Will Foster Learning Through Musical Development.

The Orff classroom is one of creativity and will encourage children to follow their natural curiosity and expression, while discovering music.  Students will gain an overall understanding of rhythmic patterns, body percussion, listening skills, musical texts, percussion instruments and music pedagogy in an interactive and engaging way.

Overall Objectives

The focus for students in Mini Musicians Level 1 will be to develop an appreciation for music. The kindergarteners will be exploring the elements of music through singing, movement, improvising and playing. Each class will move at its own pace according to skills but a basic outline of objectives from beginning of year to the end of the year are;

  • Distinguish between loud and soft, and high and low pitch
  • Distinguish between the four voice functions: speaking singing, whispering and calling
  • Identify steady beat
  • Sing and perform songs with language and speech
  • Understand rhythmic patterns
  • Create Rhythmic patterns using a variety of sounds
  • Distinguish between one and two sounds on a beat
  • Understand visual representation of rhythmic patterns (notation)
  • Practice and Prepare for Christmas parent sit in 
  • Understand melody 
  • Distinguish between melody and rhythm
  • Contrast singing ascending with descending melodic patterns
  • Express responses to various kinds of music 
  • Distinguish between meter in 2/4 and ¾ through movement
  • Understand structure of a piece of music
  • Distinguish different tones and textures in music
  • Explore different uses of body percussion
  • Utilize creative movement with music pieces
  • Recognize rhythmic durations in a poem
  • Create and improvise musical piece
  • Prepare for Final parent class sit in

Progress reports are handed out twice per year.  

Students will be evaluated on:   100 % Attitude and participation